EXCHANGE STORYBOX: Braunarts has produced an audio exhibit for the Science Museum's new permanent gallery - 'The Information Age' which opened on 24 October 2014. We were very excited to be working on this with the writer and political commentator, Bonnie Greer ...more info...

FARADAY'S CAGE: Braunarts created the ghost film 'Faraday's Cage' with choreographer Anna Buonomo, directed by Terry Braun with sound design by Gabi Braun. Faraday's Cage will be shown at a number of arts houses and film festivals throughout 2014.

REGINA: Explore three videos about our Regina app by the fabulous Professor Mary Beard, writer Tom Holland and Broadcaster and classicist Margaret Mountford, or use use the button below to link to the app download via the app store.

THE INTENTION: Terry Braun created four films which were premiered at the Radialsystem in Berlin with one film downloadable for waiting audience members ...more info...
Image from The Mystery of Regina website and app by Braunarts Image from Winchester: Chronicles of Light Image from The STORM Image from NOOR Bee image from Bee Arts CIC new website

A spectacular 90-minute show about the history of Winchester Cathedral featuring giant projections by Terry Braun and an all star cast including Tamsin Greig, Hugh Dennis and Judi Dench.

The STORM enabled visitors to an ancient church in Jersey to engage in serious thought and quiet contemplation, inspired by the power and fearsome beauty of nature and the challenges that global warming poses.

Video by Terry Braun and sound design by Gabi Braun. Touring in 2014.

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This section of the website houses a selection of dance films created by Terry Braun, including large video projections designed to be integrated into live dance performances, including collaborations with Wayne Macgregor | Random Dance, the Royal Opera House, Anurekha Ghosh and Antonia Franceschi...

Braunarts' not for profit sister company: BEE ARTS CIC.

Bee Arts Community Interest Company focuses on the provision of arts and education work while Braunarts continues to provide innovative commercial work.

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The DARK is a pitch black  installation in a 3D ghostly soundscape set on board a slave ship in the 18th century.

The  DARK is a stimulating mixture of the exciting, the challenging and the scary.
Visit the The Dark website for details and the download version.

An experiment in 3D sound, Gabi Braun created Ah...the sea to enable people to explore whether sound engineering can effectively model a natural scene.

Ah...the sea was funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and coordinated by the Science Museum.

This BAFTA award-winning CD-Rom enables musicians to explore and be inspired by data gathered by scientists in Antarctica.

Used in schools through to gigs across the UK, this composition tool is a refreshingly new way to think about music and understand our planet.

"… a jaw-droppingly innovative CD-Rom..."
Sunday Times award

4D Music
4D Music is a Research and Development project created by Braunarts.

It aims to visually illuminate the structure of a composition, in real time, as it is being performed live.

The Wellcome Trust awarded funding to Gabi and Terry Braun' sister company Bee Arts CIC, to research and develop a project called BRE4TH. BRE4TH aimed to develop new ways of producing dynamic computer visualisations and sonifications of disease diagnosis via the real time analysis of human breath.

More information is available at the BRE4TH website.


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