Image from Sophie An image of the Huntingdon Brooch at the Museum of Scotland - part of an early interactive test by Braunarts Image from Dark Heritage An image of fossils in St John Cathedral from the Braunarts No Shelter From The Storm website Image from Duets with Automobiles by Terry Braun and Shobana Jeyasingh

Braunarts Mission statement
Braunarts creates art that both celebrates and critically examines the importance and influence of digital media in all of our lives - culturally, socially and artistically.

We welcome the new opportunities offered to sustain our current practice, invigorate our future plans and improve our working methods.

We are committed to creating provocative, cost effective and environmentally sustainable art that relies on the intersection of new technology and the real world through enhanced collaborations with like-minded artists.

We plan to continue working closely with scientists to deepen our and our audience's engagement with the world, particularly in the arena of climate change.

We aim to continue and further develop our highly regarded and long-standing practice of creating large multi-screen film / video projections as well as spatialised soundscapes, and integrating these works into live performances of music, dance and theatre.

Our broad experience of working with broadcast TV, museums and galleries, commercial media as well as state and lottery funded arts organisations, makes us well placed to explore the challenges of finding an appropriate mixture of financial solutions to fund future work.

With an eye on our own development as artists, we are committed to a reciprocal sharing of expertise in creative partnerships committed to empowering our partners and collaborators in the arts and sciences.

Braunarts Company Directors: Terry Braun and Gabi Braun
Tel: 44 (0) 208 670 9917