Antarctic Waves
“...a jaw-droppingly innovative cd-rom…”
Sunday Times award
“The effect is scary and disorientating. People hallucinate and lose track of time.”
Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times Culture
“I was transfixed: by the performers (Antonia Franceschi, Karl Sullivan), by the mesmerising use of video projection (at one point we get four life-size Sophies at once), and by the intensity and integration of the experience.”
Jenny Gilbert, The Independent Online
" Aspiring film editors and Foley artists will love Backtracks, as will their teachers - once they've persuaded classes to go easy on the breaking wind effect!"
Laurence Alster, Times Education Supplement
Antarctic Waves
” creates the right mindset for experimenting with weird and wonderful sounds.”
Guardian Education
“.. all of this is enhanced by the elegant elegiac films of the cinematographer Terry Braun.”
Allen Robertson,
“... an exemplary piece of multimedia, (h)interland shone with intelligence and enchantment.”
Catherine Hale,
The Dark
'It’s an unnerving but exciting and educational experience.'
Rt Hon Estelle Morris MP, Minister for the Arts
“... Braun has invented some of the most startling images of his career ...”
Judith Mackrell,
Antarctic Waves
"The BAFTA Vice President singled out Antarctic Waves in a special mention for its quality educational content and for "helping to make BAFTA smart" with citations that described the project as “highly imaginative”, “clever”, “unusual” and “fresh”."
BAFTA Vice President Lord Puttnam